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We Place Your Site Over The Top of This One.  We someone clicks on one of our Keyword results in the search engine people see and interact with your site. Perfect if you want to match our individual keyword results to...

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Home Page Only

We place only your home page over our whole site.  When someone clicks one of our keyword search results they see and interact with your site from your homepage. Perfect if you just want the rankings and your site navigates and...

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Lead Generation

When someone clicks on one of our keyword search results they see a landing page for lead generation and you receive the lead.  Perfect for someone who does not want to use their site, has a strong lead gen offer,...

Guaranteed SEO Results

Ranking Sites Since 1999

We have been providing our SEO this way for a quite some time. When we did it the old fashioned way it was never a guarantee. As we evolved so did our ability to provide results like this these and our clients love us for it. There is a good chance you have run into our work before and not even known it. We stay quietly in the shadows while our clients enjoy the results never having to pay for us to TRY and get them to the top. We still optimize client websites and get them to rank right next to us. But that is an option that only 85% of our clients take. These rankings could go away tomorrow it's just the way the search engines work. If you have ever had that happen to your site didn't you wish you had a plan B already in place? We are your plan B! Why have you never seen this? To be honest, when we build rankings like these they don't last very long. Unless you're in that business and stumble across it during the 2-3 days these are available you would not know this existed. Most of our work is custom and never even displays a page like this one.

dominate the search results before your competition

There is no traffic that converts better than organic search traffic looking for your product in the search engines. So how much is it worth for your business to direct those people to your website, phone number or email list? Other SEO agencies charge you $2000 USD and more for the possibility your website might rank. We offer you to rent our already ranking SERP (Search Engine Results Page) positions for just a fraction of those costs!

Keyword & Phrase Business Segment

Search Results For Rent are in Home and Commercial Security Systems

Geographic Location

These are location specific results for Denver, CO and surrounding cities and counties.

volume and position of keywords

Total Keywords and phrases ranked 5,000+ Keywords & Phrase Ranked on Page one: 2,000+ Keywords & Phrases In Top 3 Positions: 900+ Keywords & Phrases in #1 Position: 600+

Who We Are

We Have been in Digital Marketing Since 1999



Custom Site Overlay

  • Keyword Groups Matched and Directed to Specific Pages on your Site
  • A/B Testing Available With Analytics and Analysis
  • Free Analysis of Landing Page and KPI's
  • Perfect If You Want to Expand Brand Reach or Sell Products directly.
  • Have a Site That Is already Do Converting or Want to Test Options to Increase Conversions
  • Includes Entire Ranked Keyword List


Custom Site Overlay No Analysis

  • You Group Keywords and Indicate Pages
  • No Extra Services or Analysis Provided
  • Perfect For Site That Has Already Maximized Results and Optimized Conversions
  • Includes All Keywords & Phrases Rankings


Redirect to Just Homepage

  • Home Page Only
  • All Keywords & Phrases Are sent Directly to Your Home Page
  • No Additional Services Offered
  • Great If You Just Want the Additional Rankings
  • Works Best If Your Site Navigates Well, Is Converting, and You Want Us to Go Away
  • Includes All Keywords And Rankings


Lead Gen Form No Redirect

/Per Keyword
  • Lead Gen Form Only
  • No Redirects or Analytics
  • Leads Are Forwarded to Email of Your Choice
  • Limited amount of Keywords
  • All Keyword Package 400.00 Per Month

What Is SEO

Yes, the same old stuff but You have to have a video on the page right?

Some Answer to Basic Questions We Get. Feel free to Give Us A call or drop us an email if you have anything not covered here or that you need more information on. We understand you're in business to make money so we have tiered our pricing based on geographic location and market segment. No Matter how you break it down we are still a better value than 90% of your digital marketing opportunities in cost per lead.
No, You can pick and choose which keywords you want but if you service the entire area these cover it's a safe bet to grab them all. We have built in discounts for bulk purchases since there are less overhead and man-hours involved. If you feel you only need some of the keywords and phrases we have left you that option.
NO, We guarantee our work and if you are not happy don't renew the following month. The keywords will go back onto the market.
You are refunded for the number of days remaining in a 30 day period if a significant number of rankings have dropped in position. This is the complete opposite of what you get from traditional SEO.
YES. We have listings in cities across North America and around the world. If we do not already have a client that has requested to be exclusive in a territory for a business segment we can begin the process. Of course, you do not pay unless we rank.